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Matlock, Derbyshire

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natural, organic


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About me at Sunstone


Laura Kirk

Member of the
Federation of Holistic Therapists

I am Laura Kirk, founder member of Sunstone Therapies & Natural Products.

My main goal is to provide high quality treatments and from my clinical aromatherapy studies able to make bespoke blends for my clients.

Your Wellbeing is so Important    

We all have to keep going and do those chores!

Those aches and pains won't just disappear,

a monthly cycle is always monthly - so let's ease the symptoms.

You've tried products off the store shelf for skin issues but nothing is working.

Menopause - feel like you're the tortoise in a race?

Struggling to sleep or waking up at 3am every night?

I can help!

We will start with a consultation,

so I can understand how you are feeling and establish what your needs are.  

From this, I will work with you to create a blend specifically for you. 


There is so much I can help you with, menopause issues, joint pain, sore muscles, digestive issues, insomnia, skin problems - the list is endless.

Using only pure essential oils and hydrolats from reputable suppliers

within in the UK, I blend a product to suit your needs as a whole.  




Laura has fabulous range, can't recommend more highly. Made me an amazing hand cream for my swollen joints after a hard day at work weeding gardens


I absolutely love my Sleep and Balance roller ball blends, really do help! Thank you!


The deep sleep oil has really help me get quality sleep again and I feel relaxed the next day. Got some for my brother, he too said its amazing!


Laura made me a bespoke oil to help me unwind and to alleviate stress due to the ill health of a parent. I couldn't get into a deep sleep, just a few hours at best.  I contacted Laura and she researched and purchased the ingredients to blend just for me. Its incredible! From 4 hours sleep I had 8 hours for the first time in months.  Thank you for taking the time to help me, consider my needs and health and give me something that truly works!


I've just collected my own special blend of aromatherapy by Laura and I absolutely love it and can't stop smelling myself .... 


I cannot recommend Laura enough she is brilliant! 


"Laura is a great practitioner, she listens and has a wide range of skills and technical ability. You would not be in safer hands"

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