What People Say


"I've just collected my own special blend of aromatherapy by Laura and I absolutely love it and can't stop smelling myself"



"Its really helping loosen the tightness in my back, I certainly know when I've forgotten to put some on! Its been a life saver during lockdown before I can come back for my massage"


Laura made me a bespoke deep sleep oil to help me unwind and to alleviate stress due to the ill health of a parent. I couldn't get into a deep sleep, just a few hours at best.  I contacted Laura and she researched and purchased the ingredients to blend just for me. Its incredible! From 4 hours sleep I had 8 hours for the first time in months.  Thank you for taking the time to help me, consider my needs and health and give me something that truly works!



“I purchased some foot salts after my reflexology session, I can't believe how my skin has improved on my foot where it was so dry and flakey. I love the smell and a foot soak at home in an evening really helps me sleep ”


Himalayan Salts

The Deodorant - What people say

Natural deodorant liberating


A little goes a long way, its brilliant - best ever I've used.

Natural deodorant Clearing


Never tried natural deodorant before, tried it whilst at home and I love it! Working in a stuffy office it doesn't let me down! 

Natural Deodorant Fresh


I can honestly say its brilliant! My wife and I won't have anything else

clearing deodorant.png


Absolutely brilliant! Did a workout, went for a long walk, cleaned a few cupboards and still smelled beautiful. Only need a small amount. Love it! 10/10



I just use a little lollipop stick and let it melt under my arms whilst doing my hair, it really does work! I won't use anything else.



Its absolutely amazing! I've learned to trust it, even after digging in the garden, it still works!